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Gas Leak Detection

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Gas Leak Detection
Detecting a gas leak with modern equipment

The majority of us power our homes with gas in some capacity. If you suspect your home’s natural gas may be leaking call us today. For years San Gabriel Valley homeowners have trusted Hoag Plumbing & Drain Cleaning with their home’s plumbing and gas piping. While this might be beneficial on a cold winter day, if your home encounters a gas leak, your family could be in very serious danger. Gas leaks can come from a variety of different hardware concerns, and they can be dangerous or even deadly. Whenever you have a gas leak, it is absolutely imperative to get your home checked immediately in order to keep your family safe. Fortunately, our team is here to help.

A gas leak can cause health problems for your family, and in some terrible cases has even been known to cause explosions. In the event that you suspect your home might have a gas leak, it is important to remove family members and pets from the home and then call an expert to have it checked. Our talented team is more than prepared to not only check for a gas leak but also identify the source of the leak so that the situation can be handled as quickly as possible. We are available around the clock to check your home in the event that you suspect that a leak might be occurring. We can work with local gas companies to determine the cause of the leak and we also offer additional services to help you manage the problem.

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